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Can you use the brush without cleanser and water?

No. The brush will work and clean your skin throughly when the brush head is wet and a cleanser is applied directly to the brush head. Please refer to your manual for instructions of the ideal use.

My brush is no longer charging

Check that the charging cord is connected to the cradle and the brush is inserted correctly into the cradle as per your instruction guide

How often should I replace my brush head?

2CO Sonic Cleansing Brush Heads should be replaced every 3 months or sooner if you feel its performance is compromised ie/excessive use of the brush may cause the bristles to wear more quickly.

Can I use my cleansing brush in the shower?

Yes! The 2CO Sonic Cleansing Brush uses induction charging and is safe to use under running water. Please ensure the cradle and charging cord are safely away from water at all times.

Can I apply the travel cap on the brush head when its still wet?

Only use the travel cap when the brush is dry.

Can I share my brush head with a friend?

No. This is considered unhygienic and can pass on bacteria, please keep your sonic cleansing brush for your own personal use. Once a week, we would recommend washing the handle with warm soapy water. Start by removing the brush head, and then gently wash any cleaning residue or product build-up from the handle.

Every three months, we would recommend replacing your Cleansing Brush head, as the bristles will begin to tire and wear from use. 2CO Cleansing Brush heads should be available from your point of purchase or online.